Our company, MKWOODLAND was spawn from a passion and fascination in the architecture and culture of the land of the blossom, Japan.

We were searching for an outlet to discover and share different facets of Japanese culture through our work. We wanted to find a way to combine shape and light in the form of design. The vision for our design was to incorporate harmony, in a useful way that can evoke our senses, and be appreciated aesthetically. The idea unfolded naturally, with the very first lamp that was created, and therefore our concept was born, and proved to be quintessential in our vision.

Joining light, wood and glass we created an elegant and aesthetically pleasing effect. Using warm wood as a traditional element ideally blended with sophisticated clouded glass and finally combined with light attributed to the delicate form of the lamp.

Our project is dominated by oriental design that is simple and elegant, with characteristics of harmony and perfection.

Our commitment, determination and patience, along with the style of our design and attention to detail, have brought about a consistency and an unmatched perfection.

Client satisfaction is our number one priority, which is why we strive to deliver a product of the highest quality. 

Every lamp is hand made. Every lamp is therefore original and individual. As each lamp is handmade, clients can expect that there may be subtle differences and variations between the lamp that is purchased and the lamps that are on display in our website.

We want to build a strong customer following based on satisfaction and recognition, and it is
our priority to serve our customers as best as we can. We rely on your feedback, so all questions and queries will be attended to with haste.

Our objective is to surpass our customer’s expectations. We understand that every client has different needs and wants, and we have created a unique element to our service; ‘Your Lamp.’ Within ‘Your Lamp’ the customer has creative control of the finished product. This means that YOU can design a custom made lamp to reflect your personal style, and vision. We are flexible to suit your desires to show you; our valued customer; that we are flexible and open to cater to your needs.


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